Total cost of Yantai

The costs in 2015, 2016 & 2017 are based on statements by the UG in its annual reports. Putting that together leads to € 3.117.092. In the 2019 Budget (document nr. UR18/193) the costs during 2018 are mentioned: € 462.200 by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and € 63.500 by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. These costs have been evenly spread over the year 2018. Based on these figures, this site counts the costs up to December 31, 2018. When the 2019 Budget has been agreed, the site will be updated with (eventual) extra costs.

It is good to note that there have been multiple sources raising doubts about the completeness of this amount. Especially the hours made by regular employees of the university might not have been booked on the private project budget, but might have been paid with public money. You can read more at het Financieel Dagblad (in Dutch) or watch the Education Committee of the Dutch House of Representatives last summer. Currently, the Inspectorate of Education is conducting research into the financial affairs surrounding Yantai.


The converted units are based on the (average) cost for the underlying product or service.

Item Kosten Bron
Teacher (UD2, scale 11, grade 6) € 78.000,00 Collective labour agreement Dutch Universities
Study spot € 20.000,00 Cost of UB renovation
Bike rack places € 16,62 Falco Bike Rack A-11, 8 spots
Rent € 352,00 Research by Kamernet (August 15, 2018)
Tent international students € 11000,00 Assumption: cost price at the original price per night, for one month
Indoor Maps € 1.100.000,00 Memo CIT about realising an Indoor Maps app
Hot water € 2,00 Rate at machines UG, converted to liters
Coffee € 0,40 Rate at machines UG
Black and white prints € 0,03 Rate at Ricoh
Tuition € 2.060,00 Statutory tuition fees 2018-2019
Cat food € 4,99 Ranzijn Adult Indoor Kip en Rijst 1 kg, Ranzijn Tuin & Dier
Bike € 65,00 Starting price at municipal bike sale at
AFAC Fietsdepot
Bapao € 0,295 Price per Bapao Kip (packaged per 2), according to
Beer € 1,48 Average consumer price in 2017, according to the government statistics bureau CBS

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